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We are able to perform bathtub repairs on all types of tubs:  acrylic, fiberglass, porcelain or cultured marble.  Tub repairs can be made for many kinds of damage:  chips, cracks, holes, rust, scratches, stains and burn marks.  It is much more economical to repair a bathtub than to replace it and the damage is virtually undetectable.  After the tub is fixed it is now time to do a bathtub resurfacing.Items?

Other items to be repaired

Bathtubs are not the only thing that we can repair.  Have an ugly shower?  Does your sink gross you out to the point that you no longer want to use it?  Have you been living with dingy and damaged items because you simply cannot afford a $10,000 remodel?  Give us a call to figure out all of the ways that we could help improve the look and feel of your most used rooms in your home at an affordable cost!

Types of repairs

Standard chip repairs are achieved by first smoothing out the rough edges of the chip.  Once any loose or broken debris has been removed we are able to fill the chip in with a body filler.  Once the filler material has cured, we sand the spot smooth and proceed with the refinishing.

Rust repairs can be tricky.  Certain types of metal rust easier than others.  Our goal is to grind away any rusted/contaminated metal and start fresh.  This gives us the best chance at avoiding any future rust problems.  In the case of porcelain steel bathtubs this results in a hole.  But once we use the body filler to fill and smooth it out, your tub will be stronger than it was to begin with.

Cracks are usually found on fiberglass and acrylic items.  Though they can also happen to porcelain and cultured marble surfaces too.  With any crack, we first determine the cause for the crack.  As the cause will determine how extensive we must make our repairs.  If the crack was caused by a sudden impact, then usually routing out the crack and applying a body filler will suffice.  However cracks that are caused due to stress from improper installation require some extra work.  If the crack is found on the bottom of the tub, or on the side wall and the crack is flexing open, we will do a reinforcement repair combined with the crack repair.  This is to prevent the crack from growing or coming back quickly.


Bathtub Repair Before


Bathtub Repair After

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