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All About Bathtub Reglazing

Bathtub resurfacing is available for your bathtub, bathroom walls, vanities, showers, kitchen countertops, or any other tile surface.  If the tile surface is damaged, or if there is missing or loose grout, or excessive mildew, we can repair it before the refinishing process.  Tile can be resurfaced in many solid colors, but the (Stone Flecks) granite look is our most popular.   Just imagine all of that old tile looking new again, with no grout lines to clean! Tub refinishing saves home owners money because it is done on location, in about four hours. This is one of the easiest ways to change your drab walls to look like new.  Tub resurfacing has so many benefits when you compare it with costly bathroom remodeling.  You will never again have worry about scrubbing ugly black mildew from grout lines because they are all completely sealed with a seamless coating which will prevent mildew. This is how the bathtub reglazing is done. First, a thorough preparation of the surface is accomplished, checking to make sure all tiles are secure and the grout lines are solid. The surface is carefully cleaned to remove any deposits from the tile. Next, a molecular bonding agent is applied to the surface. Now several layers of the acrylic top coat is sprayed on. All of this takes about four hours and builds up a beautiful new finish. Wait twenty-four hours and it is ready to use. This surface will have a high gloss and be more durable than the original surface.  It is easy to keep looking clean and fresh.

Tub Reglazing After

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