Does your fiberglass bathtub, look dull, faded, scratched, worn or discolored? Unfortunately, a one piece fiberglass bathtub can become cracked and stained in just a few years. We can bring your tub back to beautiful in one day.

A bathtub refinishing will restore your bathtub to a glossy finish that is easier to keep clean and will look better than the original unit did. Tub reglazing is an affordable way to update your bathroom. Does your bathtub flex or sag when you step into it? Your tub may need some additional structural support underneath it. Does it have holes or cracks? We have the expertise to do those repairs too. We use the highest quality repair materials available. We can fix other types of tub problems resulting from age, damage or improper installation. The process starts with a surface preparation which includes sanding and extensive cleaning. Next a molecular bonding agent is applied before we apply several coats of an acrylic topcoat. All of this builds up a beautiful new bathtub reglazing surface which will look and feel great.

Fiberglass Refinishing

Fiberglass Bathtub Refinishing

Fiberglass Resurfacing

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