Does your tile look bad or does the grout need repairing? There is an quick, affordable process to make it beautiful again , Tub refinishing.  Even if the tile or grout is loose, chipped or just old, you do not have to replace it. We can fix the problems and then refinish the tile and shower pan, in one day. You can choose the color, or even change to a stone finish look with Stone-Flecks (see color chart). The stone fleck finish gives your bathtub reglazing a high quality feel and a marble or granite look. So don’t remove it, we will improve it. The process is started with a thorough preparation of the existing surface. This removes all of the soap scum, contaminants, and grime that has built up over the years. We get down to that pristine original surface that is down underneath. This allows the several coats of the bonding agent to attach properly. Next, several coats of a top coat is laid down. Wait 24 hours or more and your shower will have that new feel and look you desire. Your new bathtub resurfacing will be easy to clean also.

Shower Refinishing Repair

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